Baby Glen: 40 weeks

Well, we finally made it to Baby G’s due date (and beyond!). Seriously ready for this little one to make her way into the world now!

We’re just here waiting and ready for our little watermelon! I had my 40 week midwife appointment yesterday and was able to have a stretch and sweep, so we are hoping that might kick things off within a few days. Being overdue is such a drag but I’m not suffering too badly. I’m still managing around 50 minutes to 1 hour of walking every day although it doesn’t seem to be helping hurry Baby G along!

Anyone have any other ideas for inducing labour beyond the usual ones? We’ve tried almost everything and have pretty much given up now, so I guess we’ll just try to be patient and let nature take its course.

I’ve loved taking my weekly bump pics and I’m sure they’ll be something I look back on fondly in a few months time. The human body is truly an amazing thing!

I also weighed in this week for a final 40 week pregnancy weight gain which is 43.2lbs or 3st 1.2lbs. It’s a little bit over what I was aiming for but I totally didn’t take into consideration the crazy weight gain I’ve had in the last month or so which I really don’t think is “weight” as such. I think it’s mainly water retention and increased blood volume etc, which will go quite quickly once baby is here. Either way I’m glad I kept track of things and it definitely stopped me from going overboard with my eating.

Hopefully my next blog post will be Baby G’s birth story!


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