Baby Glen: 39 weeks

Just a few more days until your due date Baby G! It would be totally fine with me for you to make an appearance any time now…

Baby could still be gaining up to 0.5lbs a week now but I’m hoping she’s not getting too chunky in there! I’ve always measured above average on the “fundal height” chart that the midwives measure you against but my midwife has never been concerned about baby’s size so we’ve not had any growth scans to indicate her size. 

This week I’ve mainly been trying to stay busy on maternity leave and have been doing lots of walking and trying to eat spicy food! Starting to get quite uncomfortable now with a huge bump so I would really prefer to go into labour sooner rather than later!

We attended a baby & child first aid course this week which was really informative. It was ran by the British Red Cross and I’d 100% recommend it if you haven’t done any formal first aid training. Obviously they don’t teach you absolutely everything but we did learn the important things like giving rescue breaths and chest compressions to breathing and non breathing children and babies and how to help a child or baby that is choking. Hopefully we will never have to use that training but at least we now know what to do in the case of emergencies whilst waiting for the ambulance crew to arrive.

A little bump progression photo from 36-39 weeks! I had my second from last midwife appointment this week (assuming I don’t go past 41 weeks) and we talked about what will happen if I get to 40 weeks. If I make it to 40+1 then I’ll go to my antenatal drop in clinic on that date and hopefully be able to have a sweep, so if nothing else has happened up to that point we might see some movement after that!

I’m past the point of recording my pregnancy weight now as I do feel a lot of it is water. If I don’t manage to weigh in again before I give birth then I’ll use my weight from 38 weeks as my total gain. Overall I’m happy with how I’ve managed my weight gain during my whole pregnancy, I haven’t been the healthiest I could be but I also haven’t gone overboard. We barely ever eat out and we don’t have takeaways that often either so I think that has helped. I’m also really happy with how active I’ve stayed and I’m still managing an hour of walking every day at the moment. 

Fingers crossed this is my last update! 🀞🏻


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