10 things they don’t tell you about the third trimester…

No matter how many healthcare professionals, midwives or just people with children you come across during your pregnancy, there just seem to be some things that never get mentioned! 

  1. You will start to feel like an elephant. An elephant that walks slowly and grunts whenever it has to get up or sit/lie down. 
  2. The first few weeks will seem fast but then time will slow down so that every week past about week 35 feels like a month.
  3. Your nipples will continue to grow and change colour beyond all recognition.
  4. You can be as prepared as possible yet you’ll still feel unprepared to be looking after an actual real life baby soon.
  5. If they haven’t already, your boobs will probably start leaking stuff. Glamourous.
  6. The swelling. Say goodbye to skinny feet and ankles. Especially in summer!!
  7. You’ll want to kill everyone who says either “ooooh not long left now!” Or “I hope you don’t go overdue!” 
  8. The labour fear is real. Sooo many things to think and worry about.
  9. Everything becomes such an effort and the only way you’ll be able to get through the day is by taking naps and doing things very slowly…
  10. Every little twinge or ache will have you second guessing whether you are about to go into labour or not. I feel really sweaty today, am I in labour? Had a slightly runny poo, oooh could be labour!!

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