Baby Glen: 37 weeks

So this week we are finally full term!! It’s been a long time coming but our little pregnancy journey is almost at an end and I’ve loved every minute.

This week Baby G could be weighing anything from 6.2lbs to 8lbs (let’s hope not!!) with still up to 1.5lbs to gain before she’s born. I can’t wait to find out whether she’s going to be a bit on the petite side like her mama (even though I was 9lbs 4oz born ๐Ÿ™ˆ).

I’ve now got just one final week at work before having some time off to relax before my due date. I’ve mentioned before that I’m starting to feel a bit more tired but I’m still not experiencing any major issues so I’m glad that I decided to work until 37+5. After this week I have two weeks annual leave booked in (I used up the rest of my leave for this year by working only 4 days a week since May) then my maternity leave will start from my due date (or earlier if she arrives earlier but then I’ll get the holidays added back onto the end of my leave). I’m taking the full 9 months paid statutory maternity leave and then adding a further 2 weeks annual leave onto the end of my maternity leave so will have a total of 10 months off work. I’d love to be able to have a full year off but with only receiving SMP which is abysmally low, we unfortunately just can’t afford it. 

However when I return to work we are lucky enough to manage with me just returning part time and we will be able to work that around Matt’s shifts and help from parents so that we don’t have to pay for childcare which is a massive help.

Pregnancy weight gain is beyond my control at this point I think, I’ve experienced a bit of swelling this past week so I’m assuming there’s some water retention going on! Over the past two weeks I’ve put on almost 8lbs (despite not eating differently to previous weeks) so I’m now a little bit beyond my original target gain, sitting at 38.9lbs gained at 37 weeks. I’ll continue to keep weighing until I give birth just out of pure curiosity but I’m just taking the gains with a pinch of salt as there’s clearly a lot going on with my body preparing itself for baby to arrive! I wonder just how long we have left?!

Bump comparison: 17 weeks vs 27 weeks vs 37 weeks!


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