Full nursery reveal

So now we’re finally finished with Baby G’s nursery, I thought I’d share with you some photos and make a note of where everything is from. I am so proud of how the room looks, although I love a bit of interior design I’m not really into the actual decorating and DIY part so I’m very pleased with how it turned out considering we’re pretty clueless! Big thanks to my wonderful Dad for helping with the wallpapering and putting up her blind and bookshelves โค๏ธ

First of all, the wallpaper is from Homebase and was a total bargain at ยฃ10 a roll. Really easy to hang too especially for that price, it’s really good quality!

The light shade is from the super talented Julia at Why Don’t We Go Somewhere Only We Know, you can find her on Insta here and her Etsy shop here.

The gold foil hot air balloon print was also from Etsy, by a seller called The Paper Bug Studio. You can find them here. The frame for the print came from eBay.

Our nursery furniture set is the Bloomsbury collection from Mothercare. The cot will turn into a toddler bed so I’m happy that Baby G will have a good few years to enjoy her room as it is without needing to redecorate.

The stripy blanket is from B&M and the cream one is from Mamas & Papas. The pastel rainbow blanket was crocheted for us by my Grandma.

The gliding nursing chair is from a website called Little Devils Direct and is the Supremo Bambino model. It’s sooo comfy!!

Instead of curtains I decided to get a blind for the window as it looked much cleaner and I couldn’t find any curtains I really loved. The blind is from Dunelm and the bunting is from a seller on eBay called sophi.kelma, you can find it here. She makes gorgeous bunting with really good quality fabrics and was so helpful in fulfilling my request for polka for fabric rather than plain pink. I love it when sellers are spot on with their communication!

Above the changing unit we have Baby G’s name in gold wooden letters, it’s one of my favourite parts of her nursery and I can’t wait to show you it once she’s born and we announce her name. I had quite a specific image in my head when looking for wooden letters, they had to be properly 3D and I wanted them to look carved from metal and in a nice font… luckily I found exactly what I wanted from The Wooden Letter Co, the ones I bought are here. My hubby then spray painted them gold with basic metallic paint from Wilko and we then clear coated them with Wilko clear varnish spray too.

The garland underneath her name was another Etsy find, you can see it here. I just asked for it to be made in the colours I wanted and it was posted super fast.

The cloud changing mat is just Mothercare’s basic one, I think I’ll be buying another one but in neutral colours for our room or downstairs so that we don’t need to come up to the nursery for every nappy change. That’ll be something I sort out as a last minute purchase after my baby shower next week.

The bookshelves are Ikea spice racks which I bought on eBay (since our nearest Ikea is about 40 minutes drive away!) and sprayed gold. I can’t wait to fill them up with some lovely books for her to enjoy.

Her wardrobe is already full as you can see, which is pretty ridiculous! Half of it is 3-6 months onwards though because just after we found out we were having a girl I did a big Next sale haul and they were selling off all winter clothes and Christmas themed stuff so she’s all sorted for cute little outfits to wear over Christmas and New Year. Her wardrobe drawers also have mostly 3-6 month bits in for winter like tights and woolly hats. There’s also a few hand knitted cardigans from my great auntie.

Her top dresser drawers mainly contain changing stuff, towels, muslins etc. Underneath that are all of her vests and sleepsuits. Most of the newborn size ones are now washed and packed away in the hospital bag so these are just everything she has in 0-3 months, along with quite a large shoe collection! Her Daddy is obsessed with shoes so she’ll no doubt have a much better shoe collection that both of us for her whole life!

I hope you enjoyed seeing the nursery in full, it definitely is my favourite room in the house and I can’t wait to spend hours in there reading bedtime stories and feeding once she’s in her own room.


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