Baby Glen: 34 weeks

Just short of one full month until your due date now Baby G! This week you are weighing in at around 4lbs 11oz and measuring 45cm from head to heel. That is about the same size as a butternut squash! You’re getting pretty big now and your movements are so strong, you’ve been throwing some funny shapes this week, especially on a night when Mummy is trying to get to sleep!

Our bags are packed now for the hospital and we have installed our ISOFIX bases in both cars ready for the car seat. I can’t believe that in just a few short weeks we will be anxiously waiting for you to arrive any day. All baby related purchases have been made and the nursery is complete. Now to just try and be patient for the next 6 weeks!

Since Baby G is getting so much bigger now my indigestion from the second trimester has returned and I’ve been swigging Gaviscon before bed like no one’s business. Although I’ve been finding it pretty easy so far, it’s starting to get harder to get out of bed in the morning and cope with a full day at work, I’ll be so glad in 4 weeks time when I can start my maternity leave.

I recently bought some raspberry leaf tea tablets, I’m not sure of the official advice but I’ve started taking these from Sunday which was 34 weeks exactly. The tablets aren’t meant to induce labour but they apparently help to tone the uterus so that pushing in labour is more effective. As with most things there are a ton of mixed reviews on whether they work or not, but as it was around Β£5 on Amazon for 6 weeks worth of tablets I thought it was worth a shot! I don’t like herbal teas so won’t be drinking any raspberry leaf tea in the run up to my due date, I’ll just have to report back after labour to give my verdict on whether I think the RLT tablets helped or not, but really you wouldn’t know either way if that was a factor or if you were just lucky to have an uncomplicated birth.

This week’s weigh in showed a gain of 1.5lbs, which I don’t mind at all due to last week’s loss. This brings me back to the weight I was just after returning from holiday 4 weeks ago which I’m happy with, a total of 30.2lbs gained since my pre-pregnancy weight with possibly 6 more weigh ins to go! Hopefully a few more smaller gains will help me to come in close to my target of 35lbs by 40 weeks. If I do go over 40 weeks then I will be beyond caring by that point to be honest and will be eating all the cake!!


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