Baby Glen: 33 weeks

Only 4 weeks until we’re at full term and fully baked Baby G! At 33 weeks you now weigh around 4.2lbs and are around 43.7cm long, which is about the same length as a pineapple or a celery stalk.

This week I’ve had a craving for iced coffee as it’s been so warm! Typical that we would have some of the warmest weather ever when I’m 8 months pregnant. Luckily I’m quite a sun worshipper so I don’t mind the heat but when it gets close to 30 degrees then it starts to get a bit hard to enjoy!

As well as getting chance to wash and dry more tiny baby clothes on the line this week, I’ve also put another finishing touch to Baby G’s nursery with a lovely frame and gold foil print that I bought on Etsy to match our hot air balloon theme. We decided to put it above her cot and I think it looks perfect!

We now only need to hang some bookshelves and install a roller blind then operation nursery will be fully complete! I’m going to do another blog post once it’s all done and I’ll list where I bought everything from. 

I’ve also been practising making some cute little iced biscuits for my baby shower, I’m pretty much a dab hand at cupcakes now but biscuits and tiny details are not really my forte! These were my first attempt.

Weight wise, I’m pleased to report that I managed to lose 1.1lb this week so my total gain at 33 weeks pregnant is 28.7lbs or 2st 0.7lbs. I’m not trying to lose weight in any way but we have decided to be healthier and cut out some unnecessary snacks recently so that is clearly helping me out. It’s looking more and more realistic that I can stick to my target of 35lbs by 40 weeks so I’m really happy with that. 

5 more weeks left at work now before maternity leave which is only 20 working days! I’m so excited to finish up and have some time to myself before Baby G’s arrival. Not too long though baby, a week will be fine then you’re free to show your perfect face!!


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