Baby Glen: 32 weeks

56 days left till D-Day now! This week Baby G is weighing around 3.7lbs and is about 42.4cm from head to toe. It’s hard to believe there’s 42cm worth of baby squashed up inside my tummy, although some days when she’s wriggling around in there and sticking her feet into my ribs I can imagine her trying to find room to get comfortable!

We had our first antenatal class this past week and it was quite informative. The majority of things about labour I’ve already read up on in a few different books and on websites but the information specific to the hospital and when to give the delivery suite a call or go in to be checked out was useful. The diffeeeng types of pain relief were explained to us and birth plans were mentioned as something to think about afterwards.

The next day I also had my 31 week midwife appointment and everything is still looking nice and uncomplicated, blood pressure is fine and baby was still in a head down position.

Now that we’re well into the third trimester, I’ve been finishing up packing my hospital bag and have ordered things from Amazon that have been on my list for a while, including:

  • Stretchy sports bra style nursing bras
  • Arnica tablets
  • Tea tree oil (good for putting a few drops in the bath after giving birth and also for putting into maternity pads and freezing for relief!)
  • A big non spill water bottle to have on hand whilst breastfeeding
  • Pregnacare breastfeeding vitamins
  • Car window sun shades
  • Mirrors for the rear car seat to see baby from the front
  • Water Wipes (these are expensive compared to other brands so only plan on using them for the first month or so)

We also took delivery of our gliding nursing chair and put that together this weekend, which was the final bit of furniture to go in the nursery. So pleased with it!

Weight gain this week was extremely minimal, only 0.1lbs so that’s a gain of 0.2lbs in two weeks since getting back from holiday. I’m super relieved about that because I did put 5lbs on during our babymoon but for now my total weight gain sits at 29.8lbs at 32 weeks. Still just over 5lbs until I hit my target gain of 35lbs (2.5st) so I’m hoping that in the remaining 8 weeks I can stick to 1lb a week or less!


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