Baby Glen: 31 weeks

This week we’re into the single figure countdown! Only 9 more weeks to go if Baby G is on time, although I am still really hoping that she might come somewhere between 38.5 and 40 weeks! 

Baby is now 41cm long and weighing around 3.5lbs, which is about the same as a large coconut or even a pumpkin. 

This weekend I’ve really started to feel the nesting urge so decided to finally paint our kitchen so it looks all neat and tidy! Being on my feet all day definitely is not as easy as it used to be, I really felt so achy the next day and realised that I need to start taking it easy! I suppose with having had such a smooth pregnancy so far I haven’t had to adapt much so I still feel like I can do all things I used to do before this huge bump appeared on my stomach…

We’re into month 8 of 9 now so I did a little comparison of my month 7 bump shots, above is 27, 29 and 31 weeks.

This week we start our antenatal classes which are ran by our local midwives, we’ve got a 2 hour session every Tuesday for the next 3 weeks. I’m really looking forward to them, even though I’ve done a lot of my own research it will be good to get some face to face advice. I’m going to write a blog post about what we learned in the classes once they’re finished.

I also have my 31 week midwife appointment on Wednesday, fingers crossed everything is progressing smoothly still with blood pressure etc. I’m interested to find out if my bump is still measuring on the 95th percentile or if it has slowed down a little bit! 

When I weighed myself this week I had maintained the same weight as last Sunday/Monday. I was hoping that the big gain from holiday would have dropped slightly but a maintain is good as it evens it out a little bit. Currently sitting at just under 30lbs gained in 31 weeks. I’d like to try and maintain again next week, I’ve been quite dehydrated but I think I’m still retaining a lot of water so I’m really going to try and up my water intake to see if it’ll help get rid of the retention.

Not much else to report this week, Baby G is as active as ever and I love watching her roll about on an evening when she’s most awake. She gets regular hiccups but I can only feel them internally most times, I think that’s because she’s probably facing towards my spine.

I picked up a few more basic bits this week like sleepsuits and vests from Tesco and Sainsbury’s in “up to 1 month” size as I think these are a good compromise between newborn and 0-3 months. Those will be washed soon and added to the ever full hospital bag!


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