Baby Glen: 30 weeks

Wow, three quarters of the way done already! This week we’ve been on our babymoon to Santorini and Baby G was so well behaved whilst we were away. Lots of moving and kicking so that mummy wasn’t worried!

This week Baby G measures almost 40cm and weighs about 3lbs! I am most definitely starting to feel the weight of my bump now and sometimes I just can’t get comfortable! 

Now that she’s starting to run out of space, I’m feeling lots more rolling and big movements rather than sharp kicks and jabs. I think Baby G is still in a head down position as walking for any length of time really puts pressure on my bladder!

That hand just keeps getting bigger! At the end of this week I’ll only have 7 weeks left at work or 27 working days until maternity leave. It doesn’t seem like much at all and there’s a million and one things to do 🙈

It was so lovely to get some time together as a couple on holiday and spend every night going for meals and drinks, I think we will really be grateful for it when Baby G makes an appearance and everything changes. Santorini was gorgeous, I can’t wait to write a post about our trip later this week.

After being on holiday I weighed in late this week but I think the result is a little bit skewed from being in the heat and a bit of water retention. I obviously expected to put on more whilst on holiday and eating more unhealthily than usual but I’m currently sitting at 5lbs up on my 29 week weight. Hopefully that’ll come down slightly over the coming week and my 31 week weigh in won’t be so high!


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