My birth plan

So basically, here is a copy of my birth plan. Everyone’s ideas and wishes for their labour and birth of their baby are different, so this is obviously my own personal preferences. In no way is it meant to be preachy (and I know that some people think birth plans are pointless because you can’t actually plan your labour at all!) but if it helps someone out then I’m happy to have it out there!

I’ve kept my plan quite brief and to the point, just covering the main points that are important to me and giving the midwife some information on my preferences, but it’s totally individual as to how much detail you may or may not want in there.


Birth Plan – Samantha Glen

Due date: 6th August 2017

Birth partner: Matt Glen (husband) <contact number>

Other contacts: Parents – Lynda Stayman <contact number>/Martin Stayman <contact number>

Positions for labour and birth:

I plan to give birth in the midwife led unit and I would like to have a water birth if possible. If this is not possible, I would like an active birth using positions such as squatting and leaning against the bed rather than to be lying down. I intend to use hypnobirthing techniques to remain as calm as possible during the birth so would prefer to avoid any unnecessary monitoring.

Birthing pool:

I would like to use the pool for pain relief in the later stages of labour, before this I would like to stay active and use a TENS machine. I would like to give birth in the pool and have the baby brought up between my legs once born for skin to skin contact.

Pain relief:

I would like to use relaxation techniques and the TENS machine in the early stages of labour, alongside gas and air if needed. I would like to avoid the use of any further drugs as I want to give birth in the pool but if necessary I would be open to using pethidine outside of the pool. I would prefer not to have an epidural, only as a very last resort if I cannot cope with the pain.

After the birth:

Once my baby is born I would like cord clamping to be delayed and as much skin to skin contact for as long as possible. After delayed clamping, my husband would like to cut the cord. I give permission for my baby to have a vitamin K injection after birth.

Delivery of the placenta:

I would prefer the placenta to be delivered medically with the help of an injection, although I would like this to be done after delayed cord clamping.


I plan to breastfeed my baby exclusively after birth and would appreciate any breastfeeding support the midwives can give me.

Unexpected interventions:

I would prefer to avoid an epidural, caesarean or assisted delivery. However, if any of these procedures are deemed medically necessary then I would like to be informed of the decisions made and any risks to myself or the baby.


One thought on “My birth plan

  1. Ha, this is excellent Sam! It is basically exactly what I want too! πŸ™‚ Though I am less keen on pethidine, I would like to try Meptid first in case that is enough. If I need it though, not totally averse to pethidine – whatever gets our baby to us healthy!! You are so organised, I haven’t thought about actually writing this yet – midwife wants me to have a draft at my 36 week appointment week after next, so if you don’t mind I will borrow this as the basis!
    The one big difference on mine, which isn’t really relevant for you, is that I want to specify that I want my husband to be the one to tell me whether we have a girl or a boy! xx


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