Baby Glen: 29 weeks

I swear each week the timebetween writing these blog posts just gets shorter and shorter!

Only 11 weeks left until Baby G’s due date now, we are the size of a butternut squash which measures 38.6cm. From our scan on Wednesday she was estimated at around 2lbs 10oz so probably by now we’re pretty close to 3lbs. 


When we went back to the clinic for our rescan this week, we finally got to see our baby girl’s face. It was so amazing, totally worth paying for a 4D scan in my opinion, here are a few photos:



I also went for my 28 week midwife appointment on Friday, everything still looking good, bump is measuring towards the bigger end but nothing to worry about. My next appointment will be in 3 weeks time. 

I’ve been craving a lot of milk this week, which makes sense because Baby G’s bones are getting stronger and around 200mg of calcium is being deposited into her skeleton each day. She’s also using up over half of her energy growing her brain, making it much more developed and ready for the outside world.

This week I gained 0.9lbs which I’m more than okay with, taking my total pregnancy gain at 29 weeks to 24.6lbs. 11 weeks to go and still just under 11lbs to my target weight gain. The gains seem to be slowing down a bit now that Baby has caught up with my uterus and placenta growth. Apparently around this stage, amniotic fluid has reached its peak level so won’t really increase any more and the main weight gain will be 0.5lbs a week purely from baby. 

We’re hoping to do some DIY maternity photos whilst we’re in Santorini this week so if I get any good ones then I’ll post them next week when we hit 30 weeks 😊


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