Second trimester round up

The last 14 weeks since starting the second trimester seem to have just gone by so fast! We’ve got tons of stuff done in terms of preparing for Baby G and I’m hoping to just have a nice, relaxing third trimester before our lives are turned upside down by her arrival!

We have bought all the main baby things we need (see my post on baby stuff here) and even managed to get most of the nursery done (here).

Baby G has grown from being the size of a lemon and only a teeny tiny 43g to over 1kg and the size of an aubergine in just 14 weeks! At our 4D scan last week she was estimated to weigh 2.5lbs which is just crazy when you think she started off so small.

We have gone from feeling no movement at all, to a lovely daily routine of kicks, punches and rolls. Feeling Baby G moving around in there is most definitely the best part of pregnancy, although I am still very lucky to have had a really easy time of it so far. No issues with SPD or high blood pressure, no sickness etc. Just the general tiredness and aching that comes with carrying the extra weight around.

I’ve enjoyed picking out some lovely little outfits for our princess and trying not to go overboard on the cute dresses and rompers. We do still need to top up on newborn/up to 1 month sized vests and sleepsuits though, for some reason I’ve always just assumed we would have a big baby that wouldn’t even fit into newborn clothes but the more I think about it, I don’t want her to be swamped by 0-3 month sleepsuits in her first few weeks! A trip to Tesco for some “up to 1 month” bits is definitely on the cards in the next few weeks.

I also started packing my hospital bag over the past few weeks, it is sooo hard to know what you might need in advance and how many changes of clothes etc. I think I will probably end up taking spares of everything in yet another bag but leaving that in the car so we don’t need to take it into hospital if we don’t need to.

I just love seeing my bump grow week by week and I think its amazing that I’ve gone from barely showing at 15 weeks to having quite a prominent bump only 12 weeks later. We definitely had a growth spurt between 22 and 24 weeks!!

At the end of the first trimester I had gained around 7lbs which was really good considering I was eating a lot to keep the nausea away. At 28 weeks I’m now at a gain of 23.7lbs so I’ve put on almost 17lbs in 14 weeks. A little over what I would have liked but not a long way off, when I compare it with the “healthy” weight gain target I’m about 6lbs over what I should be but as I’ve mentioned plenty of times before, I really have just been eating what I fancy and not restricting myself so overall I’m happy with the gain. My main reason for even tracking the weight gain in the first place is to just make sure I didn’t go crazy and gain 4st+ which I was worried I would do!

Decent maternity clothes have been a total essential for me over the last 14 weeks, I like to dress quite smartly at work so it was important for me to have some dresses and outfits that were comfy but also look good. My top purchases/wears have been:

  • A black work dress from New Look with a floral design
  • A stretchy jersey polka dot dress from F&F which I had pre-pregnancy
  • Two wrap style blouses that can be adjusted to accommodate a growing bump (both from New Look)
  • Maternity leggings from George at Asda
  • Long stretchy t-shirts from the H&M Mama range
  • Over bump jeans from New Look
  • Oversized nighties for lounging around the house from Primark

Some people totally rate Asos for maternity wear but they haven’t come up trumps for me, every dress I’ve had from there I’ve had to send back because its too long (I guess that’s more of a problem with my height than their clothes!) and two pairs of under-bump jeggings I have from Asos were wayyy too big in the early weeks and now they’re too small and giving me major love-handles. Not a good luck when you already feel like a whale!

Now that we only have 12 more weeks to go, I’m starting to feel the strain a bit more and I’m more tired and achey towards the end of the day. Luckily for me if it starts to get really bad I have the ability to work from home so that might be something I consider for the afternoons towards the end of my pregnancy. I’m hoping to work up until 37+5 which would be Friday 21st July, meaning I have just under 10 weeks left to go before I get to relax and await Baby G’s arrival.

Still a few bits and pieces to do in the coming weeks, I’ll be finishing up my birth plan and I’m going to publish that as a post at some point whilst on holiday, so if you’re interested in seeing what my plans for the birth are then stay tuned for that going live. We will be celebrating our first wedding anniversary a week on Sunday, I can’t believe just how fast a whole year has gone!! We’ve had such a wonderful few years since getting engaged in 2014 but 2017 will definitely be the most exciting year yet!


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