Baby Glen: 28 weeks

Happy third trimester Baby G! Only a maximum of 13 weeks until we meet you and we are so excited!

This week we went for a 4D scan but you were very camera shy and wouldn’t turn around to show us your face! We had your measurements taken though and they estimated that you weighed 2lbs 8oz at 27 weeks and 2 days! Your legs are still on the smaller side so I think you’re just going to be petite like your Mummy! We are booked back in for another scan this coming Wednesday so hopefully you’ll be feeling a bit more cooperative for us.

Now that all of your organs are developed, it’s just time to pack on those pounds. Over the next 7 weeks you’ll almost double in weight!

The weather was so lovely today, I decided to wash some of Baby G’s clothes ready for our hospital bag and dry them on the line. They look so cute!

I have absolutely no idea how many of each thing to pack, especially when I don’t know how long we might be in hospital for and what size clothes we’ll need. It’s such a headache! How many vests and sleepsuits did you take in your hospital bag and what sizes?

We also added another finishing touch to the nursery this week, a gorgeous hot air balloon lampshade. Just a few final things to add in terms of decor and then I’ll write another blog post with lots more photos of the completed nursery!


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