Baby Glen: 27 weeks

Happy 27 weeks Baby G! We are so excited to see you in two days time as we have brought forward our 4D scan to Tuesday. I wonder if we will get to see your face properly and even make out who you look most like?

This week you are apparently the size of a lettuce, weighing in at 1.9lbs and 36.6cm from head to toe. You can hear voices properly now and you can even open and close your eyes! Only one week left until the third trimester and we really will be on the home stretch.

My weight gain this week has been 1.2lbs, so a total of 23.7lbs (1st 9.7lbs) up from pre-pregnancy. 13 weeks to go, I might end up pushing over my target of 35lbs at this rate but I’m still not too worried.

I’ve done a little stock take on the clothes we have so far and I think we’re pretty much done! We got some first size sleepsuits today just in case Baby G is a little on the small side but I’m not expecting her to be too tiny!

So far we have:

  • First size vests x 9
  • First size suits x 4
  • 0-3 month vests x 13
  • 0-3 month suits x 12
  • Socks x 12 pairs
  • Bibs x 6
  • Dribble cloths x 3
  • Muslins x 12
  • Hooded towels x 4
  • First size rompers x 3
  • 0-3 leggings x 9
  • 0-3 tops x 9
  • 0-3 cardigans x 3

I can’t wait to see her dressed in all those cute florals!

This week I went swimming for the first time since being pregnant. It’s something I’ve been meaning to do for a while since I haven’t taken up any pregnancy yoga or anything. I really enjoyed it, it was nice to do some exercise but still feel relaxed and not too much like hard work. I did ache a little bit the next day but mainly my neck and shoulders from doing breaststroke! Alongside walking the dog at least 3 times a week I’m hoping it’ll help me to keep some of the weight gain to a minimum.


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