My pregnancy essentials!

Lots of people in the early weeks of pregnancy want to know about anything that’ll help make this whole 9 month journey easier! Although I’ve been lucky to have quite an easy pregnancy so far, here are a few things that I would consider pregnancy essentials:

Palmers Cocoa Butter – it doesn’t have to be the expensive stretch mark related stuff, I tried that in a sample I got in one of the free Emma’s Diary packs but then I bought a big dispenser of the normal stuff from Superdrug for £2.99 on offer. It smells gorgeous (probably better to use this once the nausea passes!) and I’ve been using it every night since about 12 weeks. Not a single stretch mark yet, of course I night just be lucky to have stretchy skin after losing weight (never thought I’d be grateful for a bit of extra flab!) but it also helps when your skin starts to feel really tight and dry.

A pregnancy pillow – again this doesn’t have to be expensive, I was actually given one by my friend but I would have just bought a long tube type one which isn’t marketed as a pregnancy pillow (i.e. 10x more expensive). All you need is something to wedge between your legs to relieve the pressure on your hips and to support your bump a little bit from the side. It really makes all the difference to a good nights sleep. Again I’ve been quite lucky and haven’t suffered much with being uncomfortable or pregnancy insomnia but I think having the right support in bed really helps.

Gaviscon – I really hope that you don’t need this one but it has become a total essential for me. I don’t suffer with indigestion through the day but as soon as I lie down to go to sleep it hits. The first night I had it really bad (and hadn’t been prepared with Gaviscon) I actually thought I might have been having a heart attack! So now there’s a big bottle by my bed which I take a swig of before going to sleep, purely as a preventative measure!

A huge nightie – as soon as my bump started to pop it became really uncomfortable to wear anything “under bump” so all my pyjama bottoms and things were out of the window, plus I outgrew the tops pretty quickly too. The best thing I bought was a nightie in the biggest size I could find from Primark which is soooo comfy. I wear it to lounge around in at home most nights, I could do with a few more actually so I don’t have to constantly wash them!

Comfortable clothes – for the first trimester and up to around 16 weeks, I could pretty much get away with wearing my normal leggings with a baggy jumper or long top. After that it became pretty essential to buy some maternity clothes, honestly, once you’ve worn maternity leggings or over the bump jeans you’ll never look back. It’s really important to just be comfortable and not worry about fashion much. I really debated buying a “pregnancy wardrobe” because you do only wear it for 5-6 months but it is worth spending the money to be comfortable in my opinion.

Soft bras – again another comfort thing, you really should invest in some non-wired soft cup bras as early as possible! It’s annoying to have to re-purchase bigger sizes as you grow but again, it’s worth the cost to be comfortable. I’ve gone up 2 back sizes and 1 cup size since getting pregnant, literally none of my pre-pregnancy bras fit at all! If you don’t need that much support then stretchy sports bra types are best or you can find really cheap non-wired bras at Primark or Asda. If you do need more support then you’re probably best off at M&S or one of the big department stores to get measured and fitted properly.

Pregnancy multi-vitamins – pretty self explanatory but if like me you mainly crave carbs and have an aversion to most vegetables in pregnancy then you really need a good supplement. After 12 weeks you don’t need to continue taking Folic Acid but most pregnancy multivits have it included anyway and there’s no harm in having it. I originally started with the Seven Seas pregnancy vitamins and then moved on to Asda’s own vitamins which have an additional omega-3 supplement as I don’t eat many omega-3 fats. The combination of vitamins and pregnancy hormones mean that my nails and skin are looking great at the moment!

Pregnancy apps/websites – for most people the minute you find out you’re pregnant you’ll usually download an app or go on a website to work out your due date and start reading all about that little ball of cells in your uterus! My favourites are Ovia (for the weekly updates and tracking weight gain) and BabyCentre (for more info on baby’s development and anything pregnancy related).

A support group of other mums to be – when we were TTC I joined Mumsnet for people to chat to and to ask endless questions that would most definitely be frowned upon on general social media! Once we were pregnant that led on to joining a thread for other people with August due dates and from there we created a Facebook group to chat on. Some people have this in real life with other mums which is fabulous (and also something you can find from NCT/antenatal groups) but the Facebook group has become a total lifeline! It’ll be lovely to carry on sharing our experiences once the babies are born and help us to stay sane during the long nights!

A babymoon – I really can’t wait to get away with Matt for our last holiday as a twosome in just a few weeks. I’m so glad that we booked to go away during my pregnancy (although it is a coincidence that it falls when it does!) but even if we hadn’t been able to afford a holiday abroad then I definitely would have still taken a week off work around this time and had a “stay-cation” instead. It is hard to wrap your head around just how much things will change once the baby is here so I think it is so important to touch base with your partner and just “be together” for at least a week before things get so hectic!


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