Baby Glen: 26 weeks

Only two weeks left now until the third and final trimester! I’m feeling so lucky and proud to have been able to carry you this far Baby G with no issues to speak of yet!

This week you weigh 760g (1.7lbs) and measure 35.6cm. Now you’re being compared to a red cabbage, a bunch of kale and even a butternut squash. 

You are getting so strong, I love feeling your kicks every day and it’s even better when Daddy gets to see or feel them. Less than 3 weeks until our last getaway as just a twosome, but we have already booked our first family holiday to Cyprus next year. I can’t wait to take you on lots of adventures, I hope you love travelling just as much as we do!

Ten weeks difference in the photo above from 16 weeks to 26 weeks, you’ve done so much growing! I couldn’t be prouder of you.

My cravings this week have been steak (again!) and nachos. We are going to the cinema to watch Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol 2 tomorrow and I’m going to indulge my nacho craving afterwards! I wonder if you’ll kick at the loud noises during the movie?

This week we were gifted with some beautiful hand knitted cardigans and hats from your great Auntie Sylvia and some crocheted blankets from Great Grandma Stayman. You are so spoiled already Baby G! Your Great Grandma is going to love you so much.

My weight gain this week was 1.9lbs, a bit on the high side but I don’t mind as long as you’re growing big and strong in there baby girl. That puts the tally at 22.5lbs so far with 14 weeks left to go. 

I’ve been putting some more thought into labour preparations this past week and have ordered a book on hypnobirthing. If I like the book then I’m going to buy the CD that goes alongside it and will listen to it as much as I can in the run up to D-Day. We are also booked in for some antenatal classes at the children’s centre at the start of June. Feeling prepared and happy!


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