Baby Glen: 25 weeks

Only 15 weeks left to go now Little G! I don’t know why but this week it all just seems like it’s getting so real and it will be less than 4 months until we get to hold you in our arms.

This week you weigh nearly 660g which is 1.5lbs and measure over 34.6cm from head to toe. That’s the same size as a cauliflower or the weight of an average swede! 

I had my 25 week midwife appointment this week and everything is still looking perfect. Bump is measuring as it should and when the midwife tried to listen to baby’s heartbeat she gave the Doppler a kick! You have such a little personality already baby girl.

This week baby’s eyes are developing more and will apparently be able to react if a light was shone onto the bump. We’re now starting to fill up the space in my uterus, so unfortunately for me it means I’ll be stiffening from more gas and indigestion as my digestive system is getting squished! Lovely.

This week we’ve also set a date for my baby shower which my mum will be hosting. It’s not until I’m 36 weeks but I’m looking forward to it already.

Not much change in bump shape or size this week from last, I’ve put on another pound so weight gain is now sitting at 20.6lbs or 1st 6.6lbs at 25 weeks. That gives me just over another stone to gain in 15 more weeks to come in on target for a healthy weight gain.

Speaking of weight gain, I posted a paparazzi photo of BeyoncΓ© on my Instagram this week which showed some obvious weight gain on her face. It made me think that if only these celebs would allow us to see realistic photos of them when pregnant, we would come to accept that weight gain is perfectly normal in pregnancy. Maybe we would stop feeling pressured to gain as little as possible and lose the weight as soon as our little ones are here. God forbid we go through such an amazing process to grow a baby and be a stone heavier afterwards πŸ™„πŸ™„

What are your thoughts on how celebrities portray their pregnancies in the media and the pressure to lose any baby weight immediately?


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