Pregnancy To Do List

Now we are only a few weeks away from the third trimester (eeek!!) I thought I would share with you my pregnancy/baby to do list and what we have managed to tick off so far. I suppose it’s a bit more like a checklist than a to do list but you all know I love a good list so here goes…

Plan nursery – well that one is almost done, you’ve seen the progress so far. We still have some little bits to do, I plan on buying those IKEA spice racks that double up as cute little bookshelves (stolen from Pinterest!) and then we need to replace the electric heater in that room for a safer electric radiator.

Sort out maternity leave dates – I’ve sat down and put everything in writing for my employer this week. Luckily they have been super flexible with me and I’ve been able to put 2 weeks leave in before my maternity start date and also keep 2 weeks to add onto the end which is best for us financially.

Get whooping cough vaccine – I went for my vaccination two weeks ago, but I thought I’d add it for any mummies-to-be reading this, make sure you get booked in at your GP surgery or with the midwife to be vaccinated after your 20 weeks scan.

Sign up to antenatal classes – there’s a Hypnobirthing course which is ran by my local NHS that I really want to attend, I thought I’d be able to sign up via the midwife at my 25 week appointment which was today but she just gave me a number to call that I could have called weeks ago, arghhhh!

Finish buying baby basics – this week I bought a baby bath that I like the look of from Amazon and last week John Lewis had a sale on some baby carriers so I managed to buy the Close Caboo that I had my eye on for half price. We’re almost totally finished with everything we need now, except for toiletries and things like nappies and wipes etc.

Get some more newborn/first size clothes – so far the bulk of Baby G’s clothes have been 0-3 months onwards as I am preparing myself for a big baby (I was 9lbs 4oz, albeit two weeks overdue!) but just on the off chance that she is on the petite side, we need to buy a few smaller size sleepsuits for her hospital bag.

Go on our babymoon! – I am super excited for this one, obviously not a total pregnancy “to do” but I’m so happy that we have this planned. I can’t wait for a week of relaxation with my hubby as a twosome before the final 10 week countdown to D-Day!

Plan baby shower – I won’t really by doing much planning for this as my wonderful Mum is hosting at her house so she’ll take care of most things. I’m sure I’ll have a bit of input though if she asks!

Get some exercise in – I had planned to do a lot more exercise than I have so far, but it is really hard when you’re working full time and are so tired at the end of the day! When I go down to 4 days a week from the start of May I’ll be hopefully doing more walking and I really want to start swimming too.

Pack hospital bag – this won’t be done until we are back from holiday when I’ll be 30 weeks, I have bought a few things to chuck in there though as and when I’ve seen them. I’ll do a full hospital bag post with more details in a few weeks!

Relax and be pampered! – I’ll be booking myself in for a massage and probably a mani/pedi in the run up to my due date as well as having my hair cut. I think it’s pretty essential to feel “mentally ready” before baby’s arrival because you won’t get any time to yourself for weeks afterwards.

Do some batch cooking – I always see this tip on pregnancy blogs, I think it’s such a good idea. I think I’ll block out some time to plan different meals that I can cook in advance, Pinterest has loads of ideas for slow cooker/one-pot meals too so you don’t necessarily have to cook anything, just prepare it and stick it in a freezer bag ready to get out and defrost on a morning.

Write a birth plan – I’ve already started working on this one but hopefully once we’ve been on our Hypnobirthing course it will help me to refine things and add a bit more detail. Of course a lot of people say birth plans are pointless as you never know what is going to happen but it can’t hurt to have your preferences in mind.

I think that’s pretty much everything, I’m so glad we’ve gotten those big purchases out of the way already so that I can enjoy the run up to my holiday and be a bit selfish until we get much closer to Baby G’s due date!

Mummies, is there anything I should add to my list in your experience? Mums-to-be, what’s on your list to do before baby arrives?


One thought on “Pregnancy To Do List

  1. This is a great list. I haven’t had my whooping cough vaccine yet, I was waiting for my midwife to tell me when I should have it. Seeing her next week so I will ask for it.
    I was planning on batch cooking too, especially as I am taking my annual leave in the month before my due date so I thought I would have loads of time. But we are moving the kitchen so I am not even sure I will have the facilities to do it! I certainly hope I will though – it will make things so much easier! xx


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