Baby Glen: 24 weeks

Happy Easter and happy viability week Baby G! It’ll be so different this time next year when we are celebrating your very first Easter and tasting your first Easter egg.

This week you are the size of a cantaloupe melon, weighing in at 590g and measuring 30cm from head to heel.

I wonder if you are as big as these Harry Hopalot bunnies that mummy and daddy have got for Easter?

This week I’ve been getting a few Braxton Hicks contractions. At first I thought it was just baby moving position and stretching out but after a few times I noticed the uncomfortable feeling felt like a tightening and then part of my bump would go hard for about 30 seconds. Looks like we’re starting to practice for the big day already! I hope that means that labour will be relatively quick, although I doubt there’s any connection between the two. Any mummies out there who had Braxton Hicks care to share their labour experience?

We also did quite a bit of shopping yesterday and I couldn’t resist picking up these cute things for baby girl.

The little swimsuit is just too adorable. We can’t wait to take baby swimming as soon as we can, I hope she’ll be a little water baby just like her daddy. Only 5 weeks left until we go on our babymoon and I’m starting to think about booking our first family holiday. Next April before I return to work would be ideal and baby girl would be around 8 months so a good age to travel for the first time I think. We are thinking Cyprus, do any mummies with little ones have advice for their first time travelling?

We’ve had quite the growth spurt from 20 weeks I think and looking nice and round these days. Keep on growing in there Baby G! 


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