Nursery progress so far…

As soon as I found out that we were having a little girl, I started up a Pinterest board for nursery décor and began pinning away to my heart’s content!

Matt and I aren’t particularly skilled when it comes to DIY and decorating so I knew we would need to keep it simple and do-able, but I still wanted to have a nursery that was unique and very pretty.

The first thing that led me to pick the theme for the nursery was that I had seen these cute hot air balloon mobiles on Pinterest. I also remember seeing the lovely Emma (@lifethroughemseyes) having a gorgeous hot air balloon lightshade from Why Don’t We Go Somewhere Only We Know (Etsy store and instagram) for little Evie’s nursery which was just so stunning. Hot air balloons also link in with our ongoing “adventure” theme which we like to have, we have a lot of map themed things in our living room and we love to go on adventures ourselves so it seemed only right that we would tie that in with our baby girl’s nursery.

So when I found this stunning hot air balloon wallpaper from Homebase which was only £10 a roll I was over the moon! It has the perfect colours, pink and duck egg blue, which will pretty much go with anything and it looks fabulously girly but not too baby-ish either so will last us through to the toddler stage.

The room which we were using for the nursery was previously empty (bar a few bits of junk) as we have 3 spare rooms at the moment since our bedroom is the loft extension on the second floor. So baby girl is lucky enough to have one of the two double bedrooms on the first floor. The carpet that is in the room (and most of the first floor/staircase) is just your bog standard basic neutral carpet but it is in really good condition so we decided we wouldn’t bother replacing that for now. The walls were already painted white too (we bought our house from a building firm as the previous owners had used it as part-exchange) so that worked well with the wallpaper. Fuss free and simple, just how I like it!!

Since the room was big enough, we decided to buy a 3 piece nursery furniture set from Mothercare. The one I fell in love with is the Bloomsbury and we managed to get it when it was on sale (Mothercare have sales on all the time on their furniture bundles though, don’t ever pay full price unless you can’t wait for the next sale!) so even though it was still a lot to spend on furniture I’m glad we bought it. It took us pretty much a full day to build everything and some of it was a bit fiddly, for us flat-pack novices anyway, but we were both super impressed with the quality and sturdiness once it was all put together.


The pink changing mat is from Mothercare and the little “princess” sign was bought for baby girl by her great grandma so I’m not quite sure where that’s from.

Of course the next thing to do once the furniture was up was to put away all the clothes we seem to have accumulated since finding out we are having a girl! Little miss has a bit of a shopaholic mummy and grandma so she will most definitely never be without a new outfit!! Her 0-3 month sleepsuits and vests take up a whole drawer on their own and her wardrobe is almost full of 0-3 month tops and leggings, plus some cheeky 3-6 month winter clothes that mummy couldn’t resist buying in the Next sale!

I was on a mission to find some nice coat hangers for her wardrobe for weeks, I was ideally after white wooden hangers but who seriously has the money to pay £1 per hanger even from eBay?! Luckily I found the pink velvet non-slip children’s hangers from B&M which are only £1.99 for 8. Total bargain, especially when you need so many!

The curtains that are up in the nursery are just basic cream blackout curtains from The Range that were £15, I might possibly change them at some point for something a little fancier, maybe some in pink if I can find anything that fits the bill. Its only a small window so I don’t really want to drown it with long curtains and I am reluctant to pay a lot of money for something so insignificant.

The big bunny was one of the first things I bought for baby the day we had our early scan at 8 weeks, it was half price in Mamas & Papas so I couldn’t resist. The bunny comforter and rattle are from George at Asda, I think they were about £5, and the other grey bunny rattle came with a little gift box from Mamas & Papas along with the white jersey blanket you can see draped over the cot and a white jersey sleepsuit. We got that as a freebie for buying our travel system etc during a personal shopping appointment at M&Ps. The pink and grey striped blanket is a bargain purchase from B&M, I think it was £8.99 and it is such beautiful quality. Always make sure you check out B&M and Home Bargains for baby related stuff, they have a literal gold mine in there for sooo cheap!!

The Sleepyhead baby nest was something that I had been set on getting since before we even got pregnant, I’d heard so many good things from the mummies on Instagram and also from my best friend who was using it for her baby girl. Fortunately for us, her little one has just outgrown it so I managed to buy it off my friend for £50 which is a total bargain considering it looks brand new.

We also have a Chicco Next2Me crib which will be going up in our bedroom in a few months. Its a great size so it fits the Sleepyhead in with room to spare. I plan on breastfeeding so hopefully it will be a godsend to have baby close by during those night feeds and cluster feeding sessions!

Of course, no nursery would be complete without some finishing touches. So far we have only bought a rug from Etsy which I though was super cute, but it actually looks a little small so I’m on the lookout for something bigger. Ideally I’d love a pom-pom rug like this one but the cheapest I’ve seen so far is about £110!! No thanks…

There are also some prints for the walls which we have our eye on and I have ordered some wooden letters which spell out her name for above the changing unit. Pretty sure I’ll be purchasing a gorgeous hot air balloon lightshade from WDWGSOWK too, they’re just too perfect not to! We’ll also add some shelves for books and other bits and pieces.

So keep your eyes peeled for a complete nursery reveal in a few months time, I can’t wait to see how it’ll look when its all finished!



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