Baby Glen: 23 weeks

Happy 23 weeks little girl! This week we are the size of a grapefruit, or a bunch of grapes, or even a large mango. Weighing in at 500 grams (1.1lb) and measuring 28.9cm from head to toe, baby is getting big!

Sounds are becoming much clearer to baby from this week, so I suppose now is the time to start talking or maybe even singing to the bump. We are feeling so much movement now, even Daddy has managed to catch a few kicks here and there which is so amazing. Baby Glen is definitely going to be a Daddy’s girl.

This week baby’s bone marrow has taken over the job of making red blood cells, which up until this point has been the job of the liver and spleen. Only one more week until little girl is considered to be “viable” should we go into early labour, as she would be very likely to survive with the help of the special care baby unit. Fingers crossed that doesn’t happen though, you keep making yourself comfy in there for at least 15 more weeks baby!

We decided on a name for Baby Glen this week.ย Matt has loved the name since before we found out we were pregnant but it took me a little while to decide 100% on it. Our close family and friends know but we will be keeping it a secret for at least aย few more weeks. I promise I will tell you all as soon as we decide to announce it!

Since around 21 weeks, the bump growth seems to have tapered off a little as I haven’t noticed any big changes since then, although my uterus will still be growing by up to 1cm a week from now until full term.

Weight gain this week was a slightly bigger jump of 1.1lbs, taking me to 17.9lbs gained in total. Still quite happy with this figure, if I stay on target for 1lb a week gain then I’ll just scrape in under my 35lb goal. As always though, this is just a rough guide for me and not something I’m too worried about.

This weekend we had a christening to attend which was lovely and the first real outing for bump this year. It was hard at first to find an outfit that I liked and didn’t either look like a tent or look like I was wearing something that was too small. I eventually settled on a bodycon style dress from Asos Maternity. I originally didn’t want to wear something form fitting but I think in pregnancy its actually more flattering than trying to hide the bump and just looking much bigger than you really are!

What else have we been up to this week? Other than some lovely sunny dog walks, we did make a start on tidying up the garden ready for the summer, I suppose that could be early nesting instincts kicking in as I want it to look all pretty ready for me to spend some time sitting out in the sun. I’m hoping to get some raised beds put in at the back of the garden and to plant some lovely flowers which I can enjoy looking at when I’m on maternity leave!

My next blog post this week will be a little nursery preview so be sure to check back for that for all the details on Baby Glen’s nursery progress so far.


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