What I’m looking forward to about having a summer baby!

When we originally talked about having a baby, we always assumed that we would probably have a winter baby, as Matt and I are both winter babies (my birthday is in October and his is January). You hear a lot of talk about babies born in September onwards being in a better position for school etc but we decided that it didn’t really matter too much to us. We didn’t particularly plan for a summer baby as such but we were pleasantly surprised to have conceived earlier than expected!

Since having our due date confirmed as 6th August, we know that even if I go two weeks overdue then we still won’t make it into September so baby girl will most definitely be a summer baby. As time has gone on, I’ve really started to look forward to having a baby in the summer as I am a total sun worshipper anyway and summer is my favourite season. Despite not relishing the idea of being heavily pregnant and VERY WARM, here are a few things I am looking forward to:

  • Having two weeks off work before baby’s due date to enjoy the (temperamental) British summer
  • Baby girl’s birthday will always be in the school holidays, meaning we can continue our tradition of going on holiday for birthday celebrations when she is older
  • If we stay at home for her birthday then there will be lots of nice opportunities for outdoor birthday parties
  • Not having to wrap up in lots of layers with a huge bump towards the end of my pregnancy
  • Although she will be going to school almost a year earlier than some children, that has it’s upsides as we can have a slightly smaller age gap between baby 1 and 2
  • Lots of nice walks out with baby in the pram whilst the weather is still good
  • There will be a decent gap between baby’s birthday and Christmas (and other holidays like Easter)
  • Less layers of clothing to contend with when dressing a newborn!
  • Baby will be older and a bit more robust come winter so possibly less likely to catch lots of nasty bugs

I think that’s about all I can think of for now, obviously there are pros and cons to having a baby in probably every month of the year and these things just can’t be planned sometimes! Right now it’s just starting to get sunny (I am sooo looking forward to a long Easter weekend!) so my mind is just stuck on being excited for summer!

If you’re pregnant and due in summer, what are you looking forward to? Is there anything that you’re not looking forward to?


3 thoughts on “What I’m looking forward to about having a summer baby!

  1. All of the above! And some of those I hadn’t thought of, such as the gap between baby 1 and 2! Also once the baby is born maybe being able to enjoy the sun a little in the garden with the baby outside too (in the shade of course, and the Innovi Coccoon stops the insects getting in too which is great – I think we made the perfect crib choice!). I literally never have time to sit and feel the sun on my face normally unless I am on holiday, so this seems like a huge luxury to me! I might even have to buy a comfy recliner chair! πŸ™‚ xx


    1. Yeah chilling out in the garden will be so lovely! We have just started to tidy ours up this weekend. We are planning around a 3 and a bit year age gap so it’ll be great to have number one in nursery by that point then in reception the year after so number 2 won’t miss out on any attention πŸ™‚ xx

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      1. Wow! You’re not joking you like to plan!! That does sound great, but at 35 I am not sure I can wait 3 years to try for number 2! Won’t be starting right away though, you can be sure of that!! πŸ˜‚ Our garden needs masses of work but once the kitchen is done we can make a start. Husband is very excited about it! I think we might end up starting earlier as buying a bbq (our old one broke last summer) might be necessary if we are without a working kitchen for a few weeks, and we will want it to be nice to sit out! πŸ˜‰ xx


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