Baby Glen: 22 weeks

This week we are 22 weeks pregnant! It seems to go faster with every week, I’m pretty sure I’ll only need to blink and our baby will be here before we know it.

At 22 weeks, baby girl is 27.8cm long and weighs 430g, which is almost 1lb! Currently around the size of a papaya, (or a spaghetti squash or a corn on the cob or an aubergine, depending on what app you look at!!) this week baby’s hearing is developing more and she’s even starting to grow eyebrows and eyelashes!

I haven’t really had anything that I can call proper cravings during my pregnancy but this week I’ve loved drinking tropical fruit juice when the weather has been sunny. I can’t wait for the summer and spending time sitting outside, I’m a real sun worshipper and hopefully baby girl loves the summer too.

I’ve been feeling consistent moving the past two weeks, she is getting so much stronger and moving my belly quite a bit at times! Daddy hasn’t felt much yet but I’m sure it’ll only be a matter of time before most kicks are noticeable from the outside.


As far as weight gain goes, this week I’ve gained 0.8lbs which brings my total gain to 16.8lbs so far or 1st 2.8lbs. Still within the target I’ve set myself so I’m happy with that. Anything up to 1lb a week from now on is good with me!

This weekend we have been busy putting together baby’s nursery furniture, I’m so happy with how it looks. Here’s a little sneak peek, but I’ll be doing a full blog on the whole nursery at some point in the future once all the finishing touches are added.

Less than 7 weeks left now until our “babymoon” in Santorini, the weather has been so nice this weekend I’m even more excited for a week of relaxation in the sun.


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