Baby Glen: 17-20 weeks!

Hello! I was hoping to write a little bit of a weekly pregnancy diary but it’s been so long since I updated the blog I’m just going to jump forward a few weeks to get up to date!

So baby, you’re a little girl! We are so excited. Not long after finding out, I ordered a ton of cute little tops and leggings from Asda in all my favourite pastel colours. I also bought some basic white short sleeved bodysuits and a pack of floral long sleeved sleepsuits. If you followed me through our wedding planning journey you will know that I like to be super organised so it’ll come as no surprise to you that little Miss has most of her basics sorted already!

Just before getting to 17 weeks, I had my 16 week midwife appointment and we listened to baby’s heartbeat with a Doppler. I already have one at home so it wasn’t new to me but lovely all the same for the midwife to say that it sounds just as it should. 16 week MW appointments are a bit pointless other than that, unless you have any issues or concerns of course, but I am so lucky to have had such a smooth pregnancy so far. You’re being so good to your Mama, baby girl!

Not long after we told our families that we were pregnant, my mum offered to buy a Moses basket or crib for us. I had my eye on the Inovi Cocoon crib from Amazon so that’s what she bought. It’s already set up in our living room as that’ll be where baby has her daytime naps. For nighttime, we have decided on a Chicco Next2Me bedside crib.

We also had our eye on a pram from Mamas & Papas as we had wandered into the shop on a few occasions for a little nosey. I made us a personal shopping appointment at our local Mamas & Papas and we managed to get the travel system we love (the Mamas & Papas Ocarro with Cybex Aton Q car seat) and also ordered the Next2Me and a baby swing at the same time. If you have your eye on a few things that can be bought from M&P’s then I would recommend a personal shopping appointment as you get 10% off everything up to a spend of ยฃ1500 and 15% on spends of ยฃ1500 or over. It sounds crazy to spend that much on just a few things but if you bunch a load of stuff together then you can save a good chunk of money. We’re fortunate to have the money to spend at this stage and we wanted to buy the things we love because we will hopefully use them for baby #2 as well.

I also ordered the nursery furniture I fell in love with in Mothercare, which was the Bloomsbury set in ivory. Luckily for us they had a big baby event sale on at the time and the furniture set was included so we saved a decent amount there too.

We had our anomaly scan at 19+5 which showed that baby was definitely a girl and growing nicely!

Up until just shy of 20 weeks, I still hadn’t felt any kicks because I have an anterior placenta, but not long after we had our scan I started to feel flutters which quickly turned into definite movements! It’s such a strange but lovely feeling!

I’ve also been keeping track of my weight gain so far and at 20 weeks I’ve put on 15.2lbs so far. Considering I’ve had no sickness at all and haven’t had any food aversions, I think that’s an acceptable gain for me. I’m aiming for a total gain of 35lbs or less which is 2.5st and around the average recommended gain for someone with a healthy BMI before pregnancy. My BMI was slightly over 25 before I fell pregnant due to wedding/honeymoon and newlywed celebrations and just generally being happy, but I was still in my size 10’s so don’t really consider myself as overweight!

Half way through already, I wonder if the next 20 weeks will go just as fast?!


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