We’re having a baby!

So, those of you who come here from my Instagram page will already know this, but we’re having a baby!

I thought it was about time I resurrected my blog and write a post about planning for a baby and finding out we were pregnant, symptoms so far etc…

Where do I start?!

Planning for a baby:

Well I am just a total “planner” and like to be super organised so when we decided in late September that we were ready to start a family, I did some research and ordered cheap ovulation testing strips from the internet along with some cheapy pregnancy tests. I came off the pill at the start ofย October (I was on Microgynon since around March when I switched from the implant to the pill) and we let nature take its course! Obviously using the ovulation tests to indicate when I was ovulating worked well for us as after only two cycles we found out that I was pregnant!

Finding out I was pregnant:

When you track your cycles and use ovulation tests, you know that you can usually assume you will get your period within 14 days of ovulating, unless you’re pregnant. This is called the two week wait within the “trying to conceive” community, or TWW/2WW.ย So the urge to take a pregnancy test after around a week after ovulation is ridiculously strong! I managed to hold off testing for 10 days but the test was actually negative. I was disappointed and shared a bottle of prosecco that evening with Matt whilst commiserating. I still held out hope though as it was quite early, so I tested again two days later and we got our lovely positive result! Matt was there with me so he knew straight away, however it took quite a while for it to sink in for both of us. We wanted to wait until my period was “officially” late and then we would start to believe it. Of course that date came and went, and after a few weeks we started to finally get excited!

Weeks 4-8:

I’m really lucky to be able to say I didn’t suffer badly at all during the first trimester. I was REALLY tired some days and I had a few days where the nausea would come and go, but no actual vomiting or any other awful symptoms. In fact, I was so symptom-less that I was more worried than anything most of the time that there was something wrong and that the baby wasn’t growing properly. So we decided to have an early scan that we paid for privately at around 8 weeks. It was utterly amazing to see a perfect little blob on the screen and to even be able to make out the start of some arms and legs, we even saw a heartbeat flashing away on the screen too. I remember Matt filling up a little when we saw that everything was exactly as it should be for our dates. The staff at BabyBond/Ultrasound Direct were amazing and so friendly. We decided right there and then that we would go back to them for a private gender scan at 16 weeks.

Weeks 9-15:

By the time we managed to get a 12 week scan date through, we actually ended up being closer to 14 weeks, so that made me very glad that we had our private scan at 8 weeks. During this time we also bought a Doppler (I know a lot of midwives don’t recommend them but it was great for putting my mind at ease) and managed to find baby’s heart beat quite regularly. I also figured out for myself that I had an anterior placenta because with the Doppler I would hear a lot of whooshing and blood flow (my own pulse basically) across the front of my pelvis and could only detect a heartbeat in a tiny little area to the left. By this point I wasn’t showing much but I was really self conscious about hiding it from work colleagues until after our scan. Luckily, all was well at the scan and we told the world our happy news!

Baby Glen, due to arrive on 6th August 2017 โค



One thought on “We’re having a baby!

  1. Aww, congrats again! Lovely post! I was really lucky with the first trimester too, just total exhaustion but not much at all in the way of sickness, just nausea if I didn’t eat frequently. Second trimester has been less fun – endless headaches, but I seem to have fixed these, or improved on them anyway, with acupuncture.
    I am exactly a month ahead of you – 6th July! I still can’t quite believe that in just a few months we’re going to have babies!! It’s crazy! xx


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