Film favourites

The other week we sat down and watched Now You See Me 2, which I thought was really good, we saw the first one in the cinema and I enjoyed it so wanted to see the sequel. It got me thinking about which genre of films is my favourite but I kind of like all sorts of things, as long as they have a good storyline. It seems the only time we go to the cinema to watch anything is when a new Marvel film comes out that Matt just HAS to see… However I do have a few firm favourites that I could watch over and over without getting bored, so here are a few of them. What are your favourites?

Practical Magic – I saw this for the first time as a kid and I just loved it. I watch it around Halloween most years!

Image result for practical magic

Mean Girls – who doesn’t love a bit of early Lindsay Lohan?

Image result for mean girls film

Edward Scissorhands – gotta have a timeless love story…

Image result for edward scissorhands

Bring It On – another 90’s classic… “spirit fingers!”

Image result for bring it on film

Inception – a total mind bender, I think I get more confused every time I watch it…

Image result for inception film

The Notebook – a good old tearjerker, even Matt cries at this one!

Image result for the notebook

White ChicksΒ – pure genius…

Image result for white chicks

The Mummy – an odd one but I used to watch this with my Dad all the time, we know almost every word!

Image result for the mummy

Liar Liar – the best Jim Carrey film ever

Image result for liar liar

Dawn of The Dead – my favourite zombie movie…

Image result for dawn of the dead

Get Him To The Greek – my go to film if I need cheering up!

Image result for get him to the greek

Juno – another cult classic

Image result for juno

The Devil Wears Prada – love Meryl Streep in this!

Image result for the devil wears prada


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