Bridal prep and accessories

I think this will be my last blog post on things related to the wedding… wah. I just thought that there was a few elements that I didn’t touch upon in my original post about the big day, which usually do get mentioned on wedding blogs and I thought would be useful/interesting to those bride to be’s out there πŸ™‚ so here is a bit more info about my bridal and bridal party prep and accessories…

Bridal prep

Before the wedding I went for two facials, I’m not sure if it really did anything for my skin but its nice to feel pampered amongst all the stress of the final run up.  I had a regular deluxe facial and steam about a month before the wedding and then I had an ultrasonic facial around two weeks before the big day. It’s recommended that you know how your skin reacts to facials before having one so close to the wedding in case you come out in a strange reaction or something, but I don’t have sensitive skin so two weeks beforehand was just fine for me. I’ve also had microdermabrasion done before but that is quite abrasive so I wouldn’t advise to have that done any less than a month away.

I also had my hair cut (not coloured, although I don’t colour it anyway) around a week before the wedding so that it was nice and neat for the big day. It was just a trim, I wouldn’t recommend going for any big changes within two months of the wedding just in case you don’t like what they do with your hair!

Another little bit of bridal prep was that Matt and I went to pick out our “wedding scents” together. This is becoming more popular and I can understand why, scents are so powerful that wearing a certain type of perfume can really bring back memories so we thought this was a great thing to do. Who doesn’t love an excuse to buy new perfume anyway? I ended up getting a bottle of Gucci Flora “Gorgeous Gardinia” which has a lovely light floral scent, very bridal in my opinion and different to what I would normally wear so I can easily identify that as my “bridal scent”. Matt went a little heavier and more musky than he normally would and ended up with Dior “Sauvage”.



My main bridal accessory was my lovely headpiece. Trying to find the perfect one was such a nightmare, I scoured every website imaginable and it seemed like all the ones that slightly fit the bill were ridiculously expensive. I wanted a hair vine, not a fixed headband, that I would wear slightly more forward on my head and could manipulate into a wavy shape rather than having something that looked like a tiara. Eventually I got extremely lucky, I spotted my beautiful Ivory & Co hair vine on eBay and managed to get it for just over Β£30, when its retail price was over Β£100. I love eBay for this exact reason, you really can’t go wrong!


My earrings were just some old drop earrings I’d bought for my 21st birthday party as they were quite glamorous, probably cost about Β£25 back in 2012. But they’ve served me very well and I didn’t see the point in buying another pair when these were perfectly suitable! I used these as my something old. I think they may have been Jon Richard from Debenhams. I love how my photographer made them look like they came out of a pretty Tiffany box!


I also wore a Tiffany “infinity” bracelet which was my wedding gift from Matt. Infinity symbols are kind of a done thing now but when we first got together in 2012 I bought us matching string bracelets with infinity symbols on them so they are quite meaningful to us. This was my something new πŸ™‚


My something borrowed was my Mum’s ring. The ring is really special because it is an Ashes to Glass ring, which holds some of my Grandma’s ashes in the glass stone. They really are lovely pieces and hold such sentimental value. I felt like my Grandma was with me all day because I was wearing Mum’s ring and I’m so glad I thought to ask her for it.


My something blue was my Mum’s wedding garter. She washed it of course so it didn’t have 25 years of dust on it! It was lovely to wear something that my Mum wore on her wedding day, considering not many of us actually wear our Mum’s dresses these days.


Finally, I had to have a silver sixpence in my shoe. I didn’t think of this one till quite late on, then I remembered that I received a lucky sixpence from my best friend and maid of honour as a thank you present for being bridesmaid at her wedding in August 2012. It was perfect to glue to the inside of my shoe! It’s still stuck there now, but I will keep it for my future daughter to use in hers πŸ™‚


Bridal party accessories/presents:

I decided to make up gift bags for my bridesmaids and the Mums  so I started this quite early on. I got the bags from eBay (and most of the contents!) which said “The Bridesmaid”, “The Maid of Honour” etc. They included:

  • Small “Wedding Day” Yankee Candles
  • Wedding themed Essie nail polish (they have bridal/wedding themed names!)
  • Love heart compact mirrors
  • Raspberry rose lip balm
  • Drop pearl earrings
  • Lace hair comb (these were a great find on eBay from someone who makes hair accessories, I got all 4 for Β£20 including postage)
  • Oversized pink nightshirts with diamante “Bridesmaid” or “Maid of Honour” on the back (I found these on sale for around Β£10 each in Matalan then bought the iron on diamante transfers from eBay)

As the Mums didn’t get the hair combs, jewellery or nightshirts, I got them an individual present. I found my Mum a little wedding cake Chamilia charm for her bracelet, and I got Matt’s Mum a silver double photo frame in which I put a little poem I found on the internet. It was quite soppy and even made me cry when I read it so it was guaranteed to get the tears flowing on the day! I left the other side of the frame blank so they can put one of our wedding photos in there. They also got personalised mugs with “Mother of the Bride” and “Mother of the Groom” on with the wedding date etc.


I also wrote out thank you cards for all the girls, and Matt and I wrote some heartfelt thank yous in a card for each set of parents. Another tear jerker, weddings are damn emotional!! The parents cards and our wedding cards to each other all came from Not on the High Street.

Our Dads got their own presents. I had originally bought engraved cufflinks from eBay, but I bought these so far in advance, when I took them out of the box a week before the wedding I realised they had completely tarnished. So we had to go out and find them an alternative at the last minute! Matt’s Dad was also his best man, so he got a “Best Man” whiskey glass and coaster set and my Dad got a “Father of the Bride” pint glass. They also had the same personalised mugs as the Mums.


I think that’s everything! If I have forgotten anything you’d like to know about or ask about any part of the planning process, please just leave me a comment!


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