The Glens’ travel bucket list

I recently found an amazing blog called The Dubai Diaries which is written by Rachel, a flight attendant for Emirates. I read through tons of her posts and it made me so jealous of all the fabulous places she has been so I thought I would write a travel bucket list post. Matt and I have chatted about travelling to lots of different places but of course unless you give up work and go backpacking/win the lottery then most people aren’t lucky enough to travel to everywhere they want to go.

Travelling is one of our absolute favourite things to do so my fingers are crossed that we get the chance to do much more of it in the near future. It is hard to choose between spending our time/money on travelling or to start a family but hopefully we can find a way to juggle the two!

You might have read my travel posts about Dublin, New York, Las Vegas and Mexico so you know we’ve been there already. We also have a trip to Rome and Santorini planned, as well as being so lucky as to have already been to Amsterdam, Dominican Republic, Florida and probably most of the Canary Islands between us. So here is our remaining travel bucket list in no particular order:

Australia – Sydney

Croatia – Dubrovnik


Europe Inter-railing

Japan – Tokyo



New Zealand


San Francisco





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