The hen weekend

Just to fill in another part of our wedding story, I thought I would blog about my hen weekend in case any brides to be are looking for ideas!

I had a small group of 9 girls who I wanted to spend the weekend with and so that we could come and go as we pleased I managed to find a great rental home just outside of Newcastle centre called Moore Park. It had five bedrooms, two with en-suite bathrooms and one family bathroom. The main draw was that it also had a pool! It was pretty awesome. Would 100% recommend if you’re looking for a hen party location in the North!

So we travelled up there (about 50 mins from where we live) on the Friday afternoon and we had it booked for two nights which was Β£130 per person plus a refundable security deposit. Some people would be a bit apprehensive about asking their hens to pay so much for a two night stay but most of my group was family and they were pretty much willing to pay whatever so I was happy about that. We took a lot of drink with us and plenty of food!!

The first night we stayed in, ordered lots of pizza, went in the pool and played games. My mum had brought hen party charades and advice cards, I had brought little party bags as thank yous for my hens and one of my friends brought a “pin the willy on the man” game which was pretty hilarious after a few drinks. So much fun!

The next day I had booked afternoon tea for the 10 of us at a posh hotel in Newcastle. Obligatory white dress and sash for the day of course… 

Unfortunately a few of us were worse for wear (probably just me!) and couldn’t enjoy it as much as we would have liked. Then we went into Newcastle centre for cocktails. My favourite place we went to was called The Botanist which has lots of gorgeous fruity and herby cocktails. We didn’t stay out until the early hours so it was a fairly tame night, we had to drive home at 11am the next day so didn’t want to be too hungover! We came back home, ordered Chinese and went to bed.

So not a crazy hen party but that wasn’t what I wanted anyway. I had the best weekend with my girls and family πŸ™‚


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