The Glens’ top 3 favourite places in the UK

Continuing on the travel theme, I thought I would share with you some of our favourite places in the UK. Well, really just England as that’s where these places are! We actually need to tick off a trip to Scotland (going to try Edinburgh) and Wales from our travel bucket list. So here is a little low down on our top 3:

#1: Hawkshead in the Lake District

We have been to stay in Hawkshead twice now since finding an absolute gem of a place called Lakes Lodges, who rent out luxury log cabins with hot tubs! Their lodges are amazing, like little apartments and I would actually live in one if I could, they are decorated so well and are so cosy!!

Here are some photos:


We love the Lake District because we love to explore, we usually go in spring time to enjoy the chilly days, go for a nice long walk up the hills and around the lakes and then come back home to a roaring fire and a soak in the hot tub with a glass of prosecco! Total heaven. The village of Hawkshead is so picturesque and a really great base to get to the most popular parts of the Lake District.

The lodges are fully equipped with kitchens and everything you need. To make our trips that little bit easier I usually order a grocery delivery to the lodge on the morning of our arrival and the lovely ladies who own them put it all away for us! Then I will make us a few nice meals during our stay rather than having to head back out again for a pub meal after a long day of exploring. We would 100% recommend Lakes Lodges in Hawkshead, they’re perfect and the staff couldn’t do more for you.

#2: London

We’ve both been to London a few times separately and only once together to celebrate our first year together but we love it just as equally. Coming from small towns in the North East, London is such a culture shock and probably one of the reasons we enjoy it so much. We do like to do the touristy things but also to explore the less touristy areas and use the tube to get about. We stayed in a cheap and cheerful Travelodge near Tower Bridge but I think it doesn’t really matter where you’re based in London as it is so easy to get about. The highlight of our trip (in February 2013) was going up the Shard when it was newly built and watching the sun set over London. Gorgeous!


We would love to go back to London for a bit more of an extended stay and really get time to soak up the atmosphere.

#3: York

York is quite close to where we live so only takes an hour on the train to get there. We’ve been a handful of times together for the day and I’ve had a few girls days out there too as its a great place for cocktails! York city centre is just the right size for a good pub/bar crawl and a nice change of scenery. We’ve not yet stayed over there but it would be nice to make a weekend of it some time rather than coming home on the last train at 8pm! As well as having some great bars, the riverside in York is beautiful as is the Minster and the lovely little cobbled streets. Overall it’s a really charming place for a day out and would be a great base for some adventures around the Yorkshire area (Harrogate is also lovely and there’s plenty to do in the countryside outside of York). But for now, have a few photos of some fabulous cocktails Matt and I managed to drink on our most recent trip to York last August…



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