The honeymoon part 3…Mexico!

After our short stop in Las Vegas it was time for the third and final part of our amazing honeymoon, a week of relaxation in Mexico!

We chose to visit the Riviera Maya area, just outside of Cancun, mainly because the weather is gorgeous most of the year and the beaches and ocean look dreamy! Our only prerequisites for the hotel was that it was all inclusive, adults only and a had nice mix of relaxing and lively atmospheres. The hotel that was suggested to us by the travel agent (The Internet Traveller) was called Valentin Imperial Maya, and at the time it was rated about 20 out of over 200 hotels in the area on TripAdvisor. After reading a lot of reviews and poring over photos, we said yes!!

We also decided to pay a little extra to upgrade to a Golden Swim Up Suite which meant we had a ground floor room outside the “lazy river” pool with our own sunbeds and a little patio area. No fighting for sunbeds at 7am!! Heaven.

So… Unfortunately the only downside of our honeymoon was the amount of travelling required to get from one destination to the other on the right day. In order for us to get to Mexico from Las Vegas we had to catch a connecting flight in Dallas. The process was fairly simple, we were early for our flight out of Vegas so did some reading and got a Starbucks (I was hungover from our day/night of drinking so couldn’t stomach much) before leaving for Dallas.

We flew American Airlines for this leg of the journey so our bags were checked through all the way to Cancun for us, however we didn’t realise that at the time and ended up waiting for our bags in Dallas airport for about an hour before realising they had been put straight on the next plane!! Then we had to go all the way back through security and into departures. We still had lots of time though so managed to stop at TGI’s for a meal to tie us over for the rest of the journey.

Again the flight to Cancun was fairly simple, catching the free transfer to the hotel on the other hand was not!! The Mexican guy driving us (it was almost 10pm by this point and we’d been on the go since 7am) didn’t speak a word of English and didn’t know where the hotel was… Nightmare. Eventually we found the hotel, luckily there’s one long main road from the airport which leads to all the hotels and they’re signposted!

When we finally reached our hotel I was pretty amazed. The grounds were so beautiful even late at night and the lobby of the hotel was outstanding. We were guided to the check in desk and given a glass of champagne each to sip whilst we went through the details of our stay. The staff even call you by your name, unfortunately everything had been booked in my maiden name so we were “Mr and Mrs Stayman” for the week instead of Mr and Mrs Glen… Whoops! They did know we were there on honeymoon though and we had a lovely surprise when we were shown to our room.

There was a bottle of cava and a fruit basket from the hotel and also a bottle of Veuve Cliqot that had been arranged by my thoughtful work colleagues!

There’s no such thing as too much champagne right?!

So we cracked open the bottle and checked out our room before crashing for the night.

The rest of the week was spent in total bliss. The room location was perfect, away from the loud “party pool” – we’re not pensioners I promise!! We just needed some serious R&R after our crazy week of adventuring. Cocktails by the pool every day brought to us regularly by our server Julio, he was a total star. We tipped him well of course with leftover dollars from our Vegas winnings!

My drink of choice was usually a strawberry daiquiri, sex on the beach or just Raspberri Absolut and Sprite 🍹

The hotel had lots of Γ  la carte restaurants on site with different themes; French, Italian, Mexican, Indonesian, Japanese and surf and turf. We managed to try all of them except for the Japanese as we got room service one night instead (another hungover day!!).

Everything was included in the all inclusive except for wines that weren’t house wine and some dishes on the menu like lobster. The French restaurant was by far our favourite, we ordered another bottle of Veuve Cliqot (why not?!) and were treated like royalty.

Later in the week I decided to book myself into the spa for a pedicure which was amazing and whilst I was being pampered Matt enjoyed a cigar by the pool. The weather was pretty good most days we were there, although May-October is “hurricane season”in Mexico, it actually only rained persistently on one day. The rest of the days were sunny and hot, with little bits of cloud.

We also visited the beach on our second from last day, however the drinks service was not great (we’ve been spoilt by Julio) and it wasn’t as relaxing so we returned to our poolside sunbeds after a few hours.

By our pool there was also a snack bar which served amazing nachos and paninis! We grabbed a snack almost every day around 1-2pm, all that sunbathing and drinking is hard work!!

Every night there was some sort of entertainment in the main plaza, we were lucky enough to be passing through to get a drink from the bar after our meal one night when there was a band playing who were so good! They did covers of all different songs and got everyone up dancing. That ended up being a very messy night πŸ™ˆ I’m ashamed to say my lovely dinner ended up in the toilet by the end of the night and I couldn’t stomach any cocktails for a long time the next day!!

We were so sad to leave the Valentin after a week! There were lots of things we didn’t do that were on offer, plus many extra excursions you could do around the area like visiting Mayan ruins or swimming with dolphins. We would love to come back to the same hotel for our 1st anniversary but for two weeks next time! We’ll have to see how things turn out.

We left at 9.30am on our last day for our journey back home via Atlanta. This was the worst part!! No more adventures to look forward to, bad weather upon landing in Atlanta with less than 2 hours to connect for our flight back to Manchester! It was crazy and stressful but we managed to find our luggage, get through security and boar the plane just in time. Our last flight was a night flight with Virgin so it was nice and relaxed, as comfortable as an economy flight can be I suppose… We landed in Manchester on time then poor Matt had to drive us the 2.5 hours home after barely any sleep. We hit traffic on the M25, stopped off for Starbucks and eventually made it home for 1.30pm, a whole 23 hours after we set off from our hotel in Mexico!!

Our honeymoon was tiring but also amazing, fun, breathtaking and completely unforgettable… We can’t wait to go on our next adventure ❀️


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