Weight loss…

Since most of my readers will have heard about this blog from my Instagram page, I thought I had better write a post about my weight loss journey so far. I’ll try to keep it as interesting as possible!

I decided in April 2011 to join Weight Watchers. Prior to this I had joined a Slimming World group with my mum and stayed for a few months but never really committed to it and therefore never lost any weight by the end of it. In the run up to my decision I had been in a relationship with someone who could eat huge portions and never gain any weight due to how tall and active he was. He loved eating out at restaurants and getting takeaways so of course I joined in with and piled the weight on. I’m not saying I was skinny before that but I was probably a comfortable size 12 before eventually not fitting into any size 14 jeans and refusing to buy 16’s. The trigger for joining Weight Watchers was that I had been on holiday with my ex and felt uncomfortable the whole week we were there. I didn’t enjoy being in bikinis and my thighs chaffed with the heat. The final straw was when we went on a camel ride and were asked who was the heaviest as that person had to sit on a certain side of the camel. Turns out that at 5 foot 1, I was heavier than my 6 foot 4 ex boyfriend and that mortified me. I joined online as soon as I got back! My starting weight was 12 stone 9lbs.

I have never been to a WW group and I actually loved being an online member. With the message boards and blogs on the website I never felt that I needed the structure of a group and I didn’t lack the information or the support either. I bought an Eating Out Guide from eBay and used the tracker and common sense for everything else. I would weigh in on a Saturday, spend all my weekly points on treats and alcohol most weekends then be “good” during the week and still get a loss most weeks. This is still the way I go about dieting to this day as I feel it suits me and stops me feeling too restricted. I also got into running through the C25K podcasts on the NHS website (there are lots of apps for it now) and in June 2012 I ran my first 5k Race For Life. Exercise played a big part in my journey (I joined the gym with a friend in late 2011) but I’m not sure I could attribute my entire loss to it as I believe weight loss is 80% diet and 20% exercise.

According to my blogs on the WW site, I got to 9st 10lbs by April 2012, so within a year of being on the plan I managed to lose just under 3st. People have lost much, much more than that in a year but I remember that I had a life the whole time I was following WW, by that I mean I was out almost every weekend drinking, still ate what I fancied, went over weeklies some weeks, didn’t exercise some weeks. Not on plan 100%, but it still worked. I had split with my ex in January 2012 but started seeing Matt within a few weeks of that so didn’t really have any “single” time, however I was determined to still look and feel good so carried on going to the gym and following the plan. By July 2012 I had maintained for a few months but then I started to get comfortable again and I took a break from WW.

I rejoined in June 2013 after putting almost a stone back on in the year I was away. This time I had a holiday booked to Dominican Republic for January 2014 and was determined to get to goal. I am pleased to say that my original goal weight of 9st 6lbs was reached in November 2013  after 5 months back on plan. Here are my stats:

Starting weight: 12st 9lbs – 10/4/11
Goal weight: 9st 5.75lbs – 16/11/13
Weight loss: 45.25lbs – 31 months (I took a break between April 2012 and May 2013 and gained 14lbs back, so actually only 19 months of active Weight Watching, which included losing those 14lbs twice)

BMI start 33.4 (Obese)| BMI current 24.8 (Healthy)

Cms lost:
Waist start 92.5cm | Waist current 72.5cm | Total lost 20cm
Hips start 105cm | Hips current 90cm | Total lost 15cm
Arms start 32cm | Arms current 27.5cm | Total lost 4.5cm
Thighs start 65cm | Thighs current 56.25cm | Total lost 8.75cm
Bust start 102.5cm | Bust current 85cm | Total lost 17.5cm


During my “second stint” on WW, I discovered weight lifting and HIIT. This was a major game changer for me and my love for weight lifting remains today, although I haven’t stepped foot in the gym in a few months due to being so busy (face palm). I started off following HIIT routines from Focus T25 by Shaun T (a Beachbody program) and then went on to create my own weight lifting routines using Bodybuilding.com for the gym. When I was weight lifting regularly I was probably sitting a few lbs above my original goal but I loved the way my body looked. This was probably about September 2014 (before the engagement… see, contentment!!) and I have wanted to get back to that point since.

I have effectively maintained for over 2 years now as I am currently sitting at 9st 4.2lbs, but have always wanted to reach the 8’s. So my wedding goal weight is 8st 7lbs and I have put together a plan of how I am going to get there over the next 20 weeks. This includes building up my fitness again through the T25 HIIT workouts and then muscle sculpting in the gym. I cancelled my WW membership shortly after getting to goal and have since dabbled with calorie & macro counting. This time I hope to not have to track strictly, but just try to eat healthily and exercise more. If I find the lbs are not coming off then I will go back to using My Fitness Pal to count calories just to keep track of my intake.

So why don’t I join back up to WW? The simple answer is that in the two years I have been maintaining, I have learnt to regulate my own diet. I usually find it quite easy to just “cut down” and see some weight loss if I have over-indulged. For example I gained a few lbs over Christmas but after eating sensibly for a few days by last Friday the weight was back off again. I’m not saying WW wouldn’t work for me but more that I wouldn’t work for WW. I’m so used to not tracking now that I think it would be a struggle to get back into it and I would more than likely just end up sacking it off and heading face first into a chocolate fudge cake!! So we will just see how I go. I have 20 weeks and aim to lose 11.2lbs whilst toning up.

Watch this space for updates 🙂


One thought on “Weight loss…

  1. You have done so amazingly well! I am similar, lost 3 stone with WW, then got into a relationship and stupidly stopped focusing on it (and also got quite ill which didn’t help) and put nearly all of it back on. Now I also have my wedding to slim for in 8 months, and 50lbs to lose in that time! Eeep! But it can be done!
    I totally agree that once you have been on WW a long time, you don’t necessarily need to follow it anymore, as you’ve actually already re-educated yourself from the bad habits in the first place. It’s a change for life really in that respect, which is why I love it.
    Best of luck with getting to your wedding goal weight – you already look fantastic but it will be great to have even more of an achievement to smile about! x


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