Choosing a photographer

After finding the venue and securing the date, choosing our photographer was the next top priority. There are lots of amazing photographers out there which makes it a really difficult choice but there are ways to narrow the list down:

  • Budget – of course, depending on your budget you may not be able to afford some of the most experienced photographers out there. By no means are the most expensive photographers necessarily the best but you may be limited by your budget.
  • Coverage area/travel costs – most photographers are willing to travel to capture your wedding but they have varying costs for doing so. Again depending on your budget, this may rule out some photographers.
  • Packageย – the packages that photographers offer can differ from one to the other. Most photographers these days give you full copyrights to use their images afterwards which saves you from having to buy a wedding album with only your selected images in. Some may even offer an album in with their price. However if you do come across a photographer that doesn’t offer this, you will need to find out how much it will cost you if you want to have multiple copies of images. Also make note of how long the photographer will be at your venue, all day, half day, from bridal prep to first dance?
  • Portfolio – no matter how experienced, you want to look for a good portfolio when researching a photographer. If you don’t like the look of their shots or they have a poor portfolio then you are best looking elsewhere.
  • Style – this is the main deciding factor for most bride and grooms. You want to hire a photographer that captures images in a way you love, every photo of theirs that you see you should think “wow, I can’t wait for that to be us”. There are plenty of different styles, from traditional wedding photography (lots of formal shots) to more casual and reportage styles. Most common these days is a reportage style with only a few formal shots, therefore capturing the “feel” of the day, rather than just who was there. Each photographer also has their own personal style, be it clean, crisp imagery or soft and romantic shots.

Fortunately for us, our decision was made extremely easy by the fact that one particular photographer stuck out to us for their specific images of weddings at our venue, of which not many could actually be found. I knew I wanted a female photographer (no reason other than I think they “get” romance more than men!), that doesn’t mean to say there wouldn’t have been the perfect male photographer out there for us. For us, there was no question that our photographer would beย Natalie Pluck Photography.

Something in the way Natalie captures the unique beauty of Danby just appealed to us more than any other photographer we looked at. She ticked all the right boxes: she was creative, her images were oh so romantic, she was local (it is so important to us to use local suppliers) and she had an amazing portfolio even though she had only worked a handful of weddings at this point. We booked her without even meeting her face to face, but when we did meet she was all we wanted in a photographer and more. Natalie makes you feel so at ease, almost as if you have known her for years and you are immediately completely reassured that she will capture your wedding in the best way possible.

We decided to hold our engagement/pre-wedding photo shoot in the June before our wedding. I wanted nice summery images as opposed to bleak late Winter ones in the months before our wedding. The pre-wedding shoot is included in Natalie’s prices and I think it is the best idea ever. Most people don’t regularly have professional photos taken so obviously it is quite strange to be standing around “posing” and having someone take photos of you. Having our pre-wedding photo shoot with Natalie completely calmed our nerves and we got to chat more with Natalie so she knew more about us as a couple. Plus it was just so fun, I loved it. The images that came out of the shoot are my all time favourites of us together and they take up a whole multi-aperture frame in our front room as well as being on a canvas in our bedroom.

Pre wedding - Sarah & Rob

Pre wedding - Sarah & Rob

We just can’t wait to have Natalie capture our wedding, I couldn’t think of anyone better suited and the images are going to be outstanding. It really eases my mind knowing that no matter how I look on the day or what goes wrong, she will find the beauty in every detail and make it shine. Excited!!


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