The puppy decision

Matt has always wanted a dog. A beagle to be precise. A male beagle called Alfie to be even more precise. My parents have always had dogs growing up so I too envisioned having a dog of our own when we had our own house. So when we talked about it, we knew we would look for a puppy at some point after the wedding when we weren’t saving any more. That was that. We lived happily in our new home, just the two of us with our 4 year old cat Obama.

Then in mid September my boss told me that she was leaving and that if I wanted it, the opportunity was available to me to take her place. Of course that means a salary increase and more disposable income for us. For some reason, the first thing that came to mind when I thought about what we would spend the extra money on was a puppy. I tentatively searched the internet for beagle puppies. I know that it is more responsible to adopt a rescue dog but we would have been pretty restricted since we wanted a puppy of a specific breed. Pretty much straight away, I found some puppies that had been born recently within an hour of where we lived.

I immediately sent Matt a text. “Should we get a puppy?” I don’t know why I asked, of course the answer was yes. We quickly managed to get in touch with the owner of the new puppies and arranged a date to go and see them. I was all very exciting. I spent hours on the internet researching puppy training and what to expect. Then the day came. At this point the puppies were only 3 weeks old and they all looked very similar so it was pretty impossible to pick “our” puppy. We met the puppies’ mummy and everything seemed perfectly fine so we arranged to come back in two weeks time to pick out Alfie. That was even more exciting! Here he is:


What a total cutie. We fell in love with him instantly! We discussed lots of details with the owner and left a deposit, although she said she knew we would definitely be back to pick him up when he was ready to leave his mum in another 3 weeks. So now we had 3 weeks to get “puppy ready”. As beagles are such energetic and curious dogs (to say the least) we bought a crate for him to sleep and stay in when we weren’t around. We got all the other puppy essentials including collar, lead, food bowls, lots of toys and of course his food.

We decided to go with Eukanuba medium breed puppy food. It seems expensive compared to some other brands but the quality is definitely worth it. We bought two 15kg bags (we didn’t think there would be an issue with the puppy not liking the food, beagles are notorious for eating anything!) and it worked out at around £2.66 per kilo. Not bad at all and in my eyes, your puppy is going to be part of your family and they deserve to have the best possible nutrition they can get.

We also organised pet insurance with Legal and General which were the most reasonable option for the lifetime cover we wanted and they also had a cashback offer through Quidco so that a couple of months payments will be refunded toward the end of the first year. We made the mistake of not insuring our cat Obama and then he had a problem with his eye around a year ago and that ended up costing us a fortune in specialist appointments and after care. Dogs can be much, much more expensive to treat even the smallest ailment so we had to get him fully insured.

Then before we knew it, it was time to bring our new addition home. Here he is on his first day at home:


That was when the fun really started! Our puppy training journey will be continued in further blog posts…


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