The engagement…

Well, I guess before I launch into any wedding planning blogs, I should probably talk about the engagement/proposal!

I’ll talk a little more about Dublin in a travel related post, but some time in the summer we decided that we would take a little trip somewhere new to celebrate my 23rd birthday. Where could we go for a few nights that would be quick and easy to get to but still feel like a nice break? Dublin it was.

At this point we had been together for around 2 and a half years and our families were starting to ask the question at every party and gathering. Poor Matt was getting quite sick of it to be honest. We were also saving most of our money for the deposit on our first home, so it was hard to divert funds towards buying an engagement ring.

However one day I came across a lovely ring online which was half price and sent the link straight to Matt. “I want THAT one. Get it whilst it is in the sale!!”. He promised me that he would buy that one when the time came. After that I didn’t hear anything else about it.

We talked often about the right time and how long we would want/need to plan the wedding of our dreams. Then it came to October 2014 and time was ticking to ensure we could get the venue we wanted for our May 2016 wedding.

Matt decided to propose at midnight on my birthday in our hotel room in Dublin. We had been for a meal and drinks before hand and had a lovely evening, so it was the perfect way to top that off. We then sunk a bottle of prosecco between us and woke up very hungover the next day. We could barely manage to eat a celebratory brunch before we came back to the hotel to sleep it off. We traveled home the next day and started to plan…



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