Finding the venue!

Once the ring was firmly on my finger and we had landed back at home, it was time to start the wedding planning. Now I am the first to admit that I had already started scouting out wedding venues in our area and had a Pinterest board full of wedding ideas before we had even got engaged. So there was no way I could wait very long before diving head first into the planning stages.

By very long, I mean two days…

I had already come across a perfect venue online when searching for things such as “marquee wedding”, “rustic wedding venues” and “quirky venues”. We had decided long ago that a hotel wedding just wasn’t for us. Not only did we not want our wedding to be too formal, but we also wanted to make the entire day our own and personalise everything to our our tastes.

That perfect venue just so happened to be 30 minutes away from our home and situated in the beautiful North Yorkshire moors in a little village called Danby.

Danby Castle is an incredibly unique, rural wedding venue that you can put your own stamp on. After all, your wedding is about you. Everything that features in your wedding day (the venue being a massive part!) should reflect you as a couple. The venue is a mish-mash of part castle, part barn and part marquee. I have never seen anything else quite like it, so also 100% original.

We went to visit Danby Castle the day after we landed back in England from Dublin. Safe to say it was love at first sight! We already had a date in mind and luckily it was still available, although the week before and the week after was already booked. Within the week we had booked the date and paid our deposit. Being newly engaged makes you do crazy things but almost 14 months down the line we love our venue more and more each time we see it, so we most definitely do not regret making such a quick decision.

We are also able to be married legally at Danby Castle as it is a licenced venue and that was really important to us. Neither Matt or I are religious so a church ceremony wasn’t for us and we liked the idea of having everything take place in one venue with no travelling for our guests. There is also the advantage that the ceremony and wedding breakfast will take place in completely different settings. The ceremony will take place in the Court Room (below) and then everything else will take place in the bar and the marquee which is attached to the part-ruined Wheelhouse.


I cannot wait to see our guests’ reactions when they see the Castle as no one really knows what to expect. It will certainly be different to any other wedding they have been to before!


2 thoughts on “Finding the venue!

  1. It looks absolutely stunning. We are doing something really similar actually, for the same reasons. We don’t want a church wedding, and I’ve always wanted to get married in my parents’ garden where I grew up, so a marquee wedding there is just the thing. We are so lucky to have the venue free because I know it’s a massive cost, but since there’s nothing there at the moment all marquee hire etc etc is up to us to sort out so it’s a bit more effort! Does it come ready decorated or is that up to you? x


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